Flat Rate Shipping

$10 flat rate shipping to anywhere in North America

Welcome to our "help us pack!" moving sale. 

In this collection, you'll find products that are discounted (no coupon code required) for a limited time. 

The price reduction on products in this collection will last until we move to New Brunswick or until they sell out - which ever comes first. 

Each product has been made fresh and your purchase will reduce the amount of products (and ingredients) we have to move at the end of June (hence the title of the sale: "help us pack"). 

Remember, we'll be closed for all of July and won't be reopening until the first week of August. If there's something you see here, snag it so you don't miss out. 

Each week, between now and late June, we'll add more products to this collection. If we have the supplies on hand to restock the products in this collection, we release more batches as they are made. We won't be making any products after June 18th.

Be sure to check back every so often for more availability. 

Thank you for "helping us pack"! :) 

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