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30 day detox challenge with Grounded Sage skincare

There’s no better time than now to set your skin up for success!

Setting your skin up for success means giving your skin a clean slate, a fresh start, and complete reset.

All the kits in this collection are approved for our 30-day detox challenge.

Simply put, with a skin detox.
More specifically, a Grounded Sage skin detox entails:
  1. Getting back to basics: simple, straightforward skincare
  2. Focusing on clean, pure, holistic, and organic ingredients
  3. Nourishing the skin with a balanced, complete routine
  4. Support our skin with the most powerful detoxifying ingredients nature has to offer
  5. Guiding the skin back to a calm, soothed, relaxed, irritation-free state
  6. Purging build-up from congestion-inducing products, routines, or environments
  7. Ridding the skin of issues caused by common routine mistakes or previous product choices
Essentially, a skin detox is the first step in correcting any previous actions that have resulted in our skin being unable to achieve a healthy, clear, and naturally radiant complexion. All the kits in this collection will give your skin a reset! Just follow the routine provided with the kit to get started.

 Is the 30-day detox challenge right for your skin?

Find out by taking our quick quiz:

Many radiant rebels like to sign up for the 30-Day Detox Challenge to keep them accountable while using the kits in this collection. To access the official sign up page for the 30-Day Detox Challenge (and learn more), heading right over here.

Want to know more about the detox challenge? Click here!

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