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If you would describe your skin or t-zone as oily, our Daily Detox Facial Moisturizer is for you! 

This moisturizer helps control and balance excess oil without leaving your skin feeling dry or irritated. There’s no harsh drying agents, no questionable chemicals, and no added fragrance or perfume. Instead, this fast-absorbing moisturizer is packed with plant-based ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and never greasy.

Oily skin is prone to congestion which results in pores getting clogged easily, the skin feeling rough or bumpy, or mid-day oil slicks that are beyond annoying. The ingredients in this moisturizer address these concerns with the help of vitamin-packed, plant-butters and clays!

The 4 unique clays in this balancing moisturizer mop up oil and help decongest clogged pores. In fact, we’ve included the world’s best clay for “pulling” impurities from the pores - the very same clay that is known for its stellar ability to clean out pores while reducing redness.

Controlling excess oil and decongesting pores isn’t the only benefit this moisturizer has! We take things a step further by packing this formula with ingredients that provide support to the skin’s lipid barrier - the barrier that keeps hydration inside the skin. When the skin is well hydrated, it feels protected and supported. When the skin feels protected and supported, it doesn’t respond by pumping out more oil to protect itself.  

This unique blending of ingredients creates a moisturizer that encourages healthier skin in the long run while addressing current congestion and oil.

In a nutshell

  • Oil balancing moisturizer
  • Lightweight, yet moisturizing
  • Non-greasy and quick-absorbing 
  • Non-drying and comfortable for combination skin
  • Gentle on reactive, sensitive skin
  • Nourishes and feeds the skin with antioxidants 
  • Formulated with clean and kind ingredients

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